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Zoom Session Preparation

Due to COVID-19, I am only seeing clients via video sessions.  You may already be using Zoom or something similar.  If so, what I am about to suggest may seem super simple but I like to make sure everyone is on the same page before a meeting.  For our Zoom meeting:


  • You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  A computer/tablet is preferred because of better viewing.  Either way, make sure your device is propped up/self supported instead of you holding it in your hands during the meeting.  Download the Zoom app on the device.  See download link below.  Be sure to test the microphone and speaker so you know you are technically ready for the session.  If you have any issues please let me know before the session so we can get you set up.  

  • Please sit in a chair with armrests if possible.  If that isn’t possible then use a table where you can rest elbows when instructed. Please arrange the camera distance so I can view your face and arms if possible.  

  • Please make sure lighting is such that I can see your face clearly. It is better for your light source to be in front of you.

  • Some people prefer using headphones, especially if they are in a loud environment.  It is your choice.

  • You can toggle between “Gallery View” and “Speaker View” during the meeting.  The toggle button is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  If there are multiple participants, “Gallery View” will enable you to view all members of the video meeting.  


You can download the Zoom application right before the meeting by clicking on the meeting link, or do it in advance here:   It is a quick process and you do not need a Zoom account.

Thanks, and I look forward to our meeting!

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